Clarification of our Terms and Conditions

Satisfaction guaranteed: All furniture and articles in your home that are: 'in good order', sturdy and well-built, new, 'almost new' or antiques will arrive at your new residence 'in the same condition' as when they were transported from the previous residence.

This is the guarantee our reputation was built on!

'Past its due date': If you have articles in your home that are on 'their last legs' or already falling apart, please do not expect them to survive the move!!  We take great pride in our services – and we will do our best to exercise all due care and attention, at all times.

Released Valuation: Released valuation at the rate of $0.60 per lb./per article provides minimal protection.  This option is available to you at no additional cost.  Unless your furniture and belongings are of nominal value, this will not provide adequate protection.

Declared Value Protection - for which you are charged a small premium: For articles that may incur slight or moderate damage, and are repairable, we will have the item repaired by an independent qualified contractor, at our expense.  For articles that may incur moderate, to severe or extensive damage, and are not repairable, compensation will be awarded for the replacement value; specifically, the current market value of the article.  Factoring in the age of the article and including depreciation. Restitution will be equal to a comparable unit of the same age and size. Declared value is charged at a rate of $3.50 per $1,000 of protection coverage.  That is $35 per $10,000 of coverage/ $100 deductible.

The contents of self-packed boxes are not covered under declared valuation.