Time Moving provides fully equipped vehicles for every move.

Our vehicles are custom-designed and
fitted specifically for the purpose of moving.
Vehicles designed for moving household goods are important to the quality and efficiency of your move!

We utilize more than $2,500 in moving
equipment on each vehicle, to protect
and secure your furnishings and to
expedite the move.

What this means to you:
Your Move is made easier!
  • For larger moves, we schedule the correct vehicle(s) to load up all-in-one load.  You will not be paying for additional travel-time back & forth between residences for using the ‘shuttle method’.

  • You are assured of being “out by 12 Noon” when that is a consideration.

  • Vehicle size, height and depth of the van-body to accommodate all furniture.

  • High clearance from the ground to the flat-deck of the truck, to increase efficiency on both aspects of loading and unloading.

  • Larger vehicles equipped with side-exits & multi-ramps to increase efficiency and facilitate access to residences.

  • Custom-designed interior, fitted from floor to roof to secure the load and ensure the protection of your furniture during transit.

  • Van interiors are always kept clean and spotless, on a daily basis.

  • Multiple 2-wheel and 4-wheel dollies to ensure a continuous flow, appliance dolly and piano-skid, tools/ toolbox, balcony ropes, orange-cones etc.

  • Equipment includes fully tested ropes, tie-downs, broad elastic bands, straps etc.

  • Moving pads or furniture-pads (60-80) on each vehicle, to protect your furniture.

  • Shrink-wrap for added protection on soft furnishings; mattress-covers (on request).

  • Floor-runners - to protect both carpet and hardwood floors as needed.

  • Meter-hoods: we will pre-arrange and reserve parking space, where required.

  • We do not arrive to your door with “just an empty truck”.