Comparing Estimates Between Companies

Most moving companies charge by the hour for local moves.

Have you received or requested a written estimate?

Are the hourly rates the same, for the same number of men?

What is the level of service?

Is the price significantly lower than others? Is this because the mover is using shoddy or no equipment, minimal or sub-standard packing materials or untrained personnel?

Does the estimate imply, that with the same number of men, the move can be completed in half the time? Does this seem realistic? Or is it physically impossible?

Beware of a price/estimate that is much lower than others. This could be an indicator of inferior or inadequate service or higher charges to come later.

For your consideration:

Itís best not to go with the lowest bidder, unless you are certain they are equally capable of providing the same service. Ask your friends and family about their past experience.

We recommend you select a mid-range estimate, as it is more likely to be realistic.

We also recommend that you call the Better Business Bureau and/or check their website to enquire about the companies you are considering.